Welcome to the UT Arlington Outreach family!  We offer you our congratulations on receiving your Authorized Outreach Trainer status.  This achievement is an important step to further enhance your career in the Occupational Safety and Health fields.  We would like to take this time to introduce the UT Arlington Outreach Training Program, and to share information that will help you be successful in your journey as an Outreach Trainer.

We ask that as soon as you schedule to teach an outreach class, please send an email with notification to Please include the following:

1.  Type of class  {example: 10hr Construction}

2.  Begin and end dates of class

3.  Being and end times of class

4.  Address where training will be held

5.  Include any pertinent information we may need such as “facility requires a badge, 2 day notice must be given”.

**If the class cancels, please email us no later than 12 hours prior to start time.

As a Region VI OSHA Authorized Outreach Training Education Center, we offer many great benefits within our Outreach Program.  One of the most popular benefits is the submission of Outreach Training Program Reports via our website: 

We designed the portal with our instructors in mind and to provide a more efficient and reliable process of submitting program reports.  The Outreach Portal is a web-based application designed to provide a more efficient method to request Outreach cards.

·  Improves the trainer’s record keeping and reporting capabilities by reducing paperwork and providing a centralized location for all program reports submitted.

·  Reduces the amount of administrative work associated with submitting paper reports, allowing you more time to focus on your outreach training,  as well as allowing us more time to dedicate to providing you with outstanding service.

·  Provides a training resources page within the Outreach Portal with templates, examples, power points, videos and many other sources to help you be successful in preparing for your training classes.

OSHA needs your permission to publish your contact information as an available trainer on the website for people who are interested in receiving training. Please log in to the Outreach Portal and click “profile” to choose to opt in or out. 

While we strive to keep our Outreach Trainers as informed as possible, OSHA’s website is the one-stop-shop for the most current information regarding the Occupational Safety and Health industries and any updates to the Outreach Training Program.  You can find the Outreach Training Program’s homepage by logging on

We sincerely hope you find your journey as an Authorized Outreach Trainer with UT Arlington to be successful.  Through our combined efforts, we will continue to strive for excellence through uncovering new and improved processes to benefit the safety industries. 

Welcome to the Family!

Contact us:

  UT Arlington Outreach Program

  Toll Free: 866.906.9190

  Phone: 817.272.2581

  Fax: 817.272.3576



    Posted by Michelle Bradshaw on 01/07/2020


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